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  • Seeing the Future of Our Armed Forces

    Whenever I get the chance to visit with our service members, it is always a great opportunity to express our gratitude for their efforts protecting our nation. This tour truly showcased our military’s great future!
  • Hartzler Statement on Budget Reconciliation Resolution

    The American public deserves a serious budget that thoughtfully outlines funding priorities across the entire scope of government after hearings, input from the American citizen, and testimony from experts on the needs of our country. It shouldn’t be used as a gimmick to pass legislation unrelated to the budget. It also should not be used to pass another COVID bill when there is over $1 trillion left over from the last COVID-relief package that is unspent.
  • Seeing Our Vaccination Process In Action

    As we get through this pandemic together, Missouri has formed a network of sites where those in need of a vaccine can receive the shot. It was a privilege to visit one of these locations at the University of Missouri’s Faurot Field in Columbia where I saw firsthand how this process is moving along.
  • Opposing Legislation to Enrich Politicians

    Protecting the integrity of our elections should be of utmost importance to Congress, but legislation such as the ill-advised H.R. 1 attempts to politicize our institutions, federalize our elections, and fund politicians’ campaigns.

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