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Standing up for Israel

July 18, 2014

Israel is under siege by a radical faction that displays blatant disregard for its citizens. Hamas is using its citizens as human shields, building bombs in the basements of schools, and prohibiting families from evacuating areas where rockets are being launched.

Israel has shown tremendous restraint and has every right to defend itself against these unwarranted attacks. Over 1,350 rockets have been launched into Israel, reaching even Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Over 80% of the country's citizens have had to huddle in bomb shelters for parts of ten days now. Over 6 million men, women, and children are endangered, yet Israel has agreed to two ceasefires. Unfortunately, Hamas has not abided by these calls firing dozens of rockets into Israel even when Israel was ceasing its efforts to protect its citizens so that humanitarian assistance could arrive to the people in the Gaza Strip.

While Hamas is bent on killing innocent Israelis, Israel is intent on preserving their lives. As they seek to stop the rocket fire in the Gaza Strip, Israel goes to great lengths to save innocent lives. It drops leaflets into neighborhoods warning of an impending military action to take out the rocket launchers which are often strategically placed by Hamas in neighborhoods. It then calls residents of the  house to warn them, then sends texts to those in the house, then ‘knocks’ on the house by dropping a small, non-penetrating bomb on the roof to let people know they are serious. Unfortunately, Hamas has responded by stopping people from fleeing and even forcing them onto the rooftops as human shields.
Thankfully, the Iron Dome missile defense system has stopped over 270 of Hamas's deadly rockets from reaching their targets.

As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, "Israel uses its missile defense system to save human lives. Hamas uses its people to save its missiles."

Yet, even with all these injustices, the UN and much of the world remains silent. Where are the human rights organizations decrying Hamas? Where is the UN?

Where is the U.S.? Hopefully, with Israel! We need to be standing strong for the only democracy and our greatest ally in the Middle East. We need to let other nations know we will never abandon Israel and they need to join us in speaking out against this affront to national sovereignty and to human decency. We need to be offering assistance to stop these attacks and help Israel stay safe.

Ultimately, we must stand by our friends. Please join me in praying for the peace of Jerusalem.