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Health Care

Americans deserve real health care reform that prioritizes patients while also protecting individual freedoms.
President Obama’s namesake tax, Obamacare, forces Americans to buy government-approved insurance programs or else face an extra tax burden. The federal government should not force its citizens to buy a private product and then strictly mandate what is in that product.
I continue to hear stories from Missourians of premiums going through the roof and deductibles doubling and tripling.  People are now facing thousands of dollars in fines for not having a policy because they can’t afford the inflated costs of Obamacare plans.  This is just wrong.  People should be allowed to make their own choices based on their needs.  They do not need or want exaggerated mandates based on whatever Washington deems necessary.
I will continue working with my colleagues to relieve the American people of this burdensome tax while pushing for real reform that returns power and choice to you, the person who knows best what you and your family needs.  With the bills I have co-sponsored, every family will have a chance for affordable, accessible healthcare.  We can do better.