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Our nation’s immigration policy is fundamentally flawed. Those who choose to ignore our laws are coming here every day yet those who wish to follow our laws and come here legally are waiting in line.  This must end. 
Securing our borders must be our top priority as we seek to preserve a nation defined by liberty, the rule of law, and economic success. As a nation founded by those seeking freedom, we ought to welcome the downtrodden and oppressed with clearly defined, firmly established legal immigration processes while ensuring the safety of our own citizens. I am strongly committed to securing our border, stopping illegal immigration, and ensuring the safety of all Americans.
A compassionate solution for the illegal immigrant population living and working in the United States can be accomplished without resorting to amnesty. Current illegal immigrants should not receive all the rights and privileges they would have been eligible for had they come legally. They should not be eligible for citizenship. To pardon lawbreakers and reward them with the objective of their crime is inappropriate and will accelerate the flow of illegal immigrants.
Our nation was formed as a nation of immigrants coming to this continent for a better way of life and an opportunity to live according to their beliefs. Those ideals speak to the value of every individual and their rights in a system governed by the rule of law. I believe in welcoming all individuals who seek to enter this land lawfully and profess allegiance to those ideals. We must pursue immigration reform because our present system not only fails to halt illegal aliens seeking entrance but also fails to accommodate those seeking to enter our society the right way.