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City of Butler left to clean up collapsed building

February 4, 2016
In The News
From the Butler City council meeting this week:

In Butler City Council news, there’s a possibility of someone taking over the Thorco building. No information can be given at this time, but a company has requested information. We’ll keep you posted.

And a suggestion has been made about the possibility of Butler having its own solar farm. No details, just talk, but of course we’ll watch this possibility too.

In other activity, the Council has approved a resolution to allow alcoholic beverages to be served, in case Southside Café is purchased by an interested person. More on that as it develops.

Plans for Butler’s Main Street Project continue, with Keith Winge (wing) coming to Butler February 18, for a meeting with stakeholders, who are those interested in the plans. Next, there’ll be a Town Hall meeting where the community will be invited to learn more about the project, and to offer ideas on downtown Butler. We’ll keep you posted.

City administrator Casey Koehn and Butler’s Public Works Director, Trent Diehl, are working on the scope of work for the demolition bid on the collapsed building on the Butler square. The cleanup project is now in the hands of Butler itself, as no action came through from the owner, who will be liable for cleanup costs. They’ve met with an asbestos abatement company, to discuss plans if asbestos exists in the building. Once that inspection is completed, Casey said they’ll have a better idea of what needs to be done.

Another interesting thing is possible for Butler, but we must remember that it’s just talk so far. But Casey met with Congresswoman Vicki Hartzler and State Representative Patricia Pike January 22nd, to discuss the possibility of Butler being a remote site for a Technical School. There are no more details than that, but a study is continuing.