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Nevada High School anti-bullying conference

January 22, 2016
In The News


Riley Gordon and other students from across Vernon County are in the Nevada High School gym to try an find a solution to a problem.
"This is the anti-bullying conference," said Riley Gordon, Nevada High School senior. 
She says because this is a big problem, it can't be solved by just one person or one group.
"They wanted to reach out to all different, you know, peer groups, all different types of people within the school. And they did a really good job of that today," said Gordon. 
While bullying may not be something that can be addressed in just one seminar, Sheldon High School, sophomore, Zachary Garren says it's a start.
"The first step, I think, is getting a group of people that actually care to come together to learn about it," said Zachary Garren, Sheldon High School sophomore.
The ultimate goal is simple.
"So other people don't have to suffer," said Garren. 
Missouri State Representative Patricia Pike joined the discussion with students. She says these students are experts on the subject because of their first hand knowledge.
"It makes it real, it makes it relevant for us to see what we need to be addressing on their behalf," said Patricia Pike, Missouri State Representative.
Garren says his motivation for being here, and the reason he'll try to use what he's learned to help others is simple.
"I've been bullied, I know my friends have been bullied, and I don't want them to be bullied anymore. I don't want anyone to be bullied anymore," said Garren. 
Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler also spoke with the kids at the conference.

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