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Rep. Hartzler in Columbia to talk school lunch measure

January 21, 2016
In The News


A U.S. Congresswoman visited with Mid-Missouri students on Thursday.

Representative Vicky Hartzler, who represents the state's fourth congressional district, visited with second graders at Blue Ridge Elementary in Columbia.

She spoke with students about getting involved in their communities and promoting good citizenship.

Right now, the senator is pushing several education measures, including the School Affordability Act.

The legislation would eliminate federal regulations on school lunch prices and give the power back to school districts.

"A few years ago, a bill was passed with good intentions to help increase the amount of nutritious foods that the students eat, but unfortunately the way it's been dictated comes down to local schools. It actually caused a lot of kids to quit taking school lunches or throw things away in the trash can and not eat them. I think we need to allow our schools to determine what is served to our kids, because they know best," said Hartzler.

The Senate passed the measure this week.

Hartzler said she is working with lawmakers in the House to come up with its version.