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$1000 Bonuses for Sedalia Employees!

February 23, 2018

It’s been a great week of work in the district! It has been a privilege to visit with many of you to discuss tax reform and how to better protect our children at school, in the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Florida last week. Thanks for taking the time to open my newsletter this week, and I hope you enjoy reading about my travels through Missouri’s Fourth District.


Tax Reform at Tyson in Sedalia

Holding a round-table discussion at Tyson’s Sedalia plant.

On Tuesday morning, I met with Tyson employees in Sedalia who have directly benefitted from tax reform. Thanks to the money Tyson will save from tax reform, more than 100,000 of its employees will receive bonuses! Full-time employees will receive a $1,000 bonus and part-time employees will receive a $500 bonus. The Sedalia Tyson plant employs about 1,500 people. This welcome decision from Tyson shows how tax reform is already benefitting the men and women of Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District.

To learn more about tax reform, visit or text “tax reform” to 50589.


Touring Transcontinental Capri in Clinton 

Meeting with Transcontinental Capri’s hardworking employees in Clinton.

Later on Tuesday, I toured the Transcontinental Capri plant in Clinton and talked with the men and women who work there. At the event, we discussed tax reform and other important issues  facing our nation. I appreciated the opportunity to share my thoughts and perspectives on the important opportunities we have to move Missouri – and our nation – forward.


Coffee with Farm Bureau in Nevada

Having coffee with Farm Bureau Leaders in Nevada to discuss agriculture issues.

On Thursday morning, I met with Farm Bureau Leaders from Vernon, Bates, Dade, and Barton Counties. I enjoyed our timely discussion on issues that affect our district such as crop insurance, livestock disaster programs, and nutrition for the hungry. Our meeting also focused on ways that we can move people from relying on welfare to good-paying jobs, and how new farmers can obtain the financing they need to run a successful operation. It was great to hear this group’s input on what we’re doing in Congress and the best path moving forward.


Agriculture and Tax Lunch in Osceola

Meeting with constituents in Osceola to discuss the 2018 Farm Bill, tax reform, and rural broadband.

On Thursday afternoon I had the opportunity to have lunch with farmers in Osceola to discuss tax reform and the Farm Bill. I was blessed to sit and listen to the concerns of these hardworking individuals and their insight on this bill, taxes, trade, immigration reform, and the infrastructure plan the President laid out in his State of the Union address last month. At our meeting, we also delved into issues concerning access to broadband in rural communities, along with health care and education. It was a timely discussion since we are going to mark up a new Farm Bill in the House Agriculture Committee (on which I serve) next month.  I look forward to taking the ideas I heard in our district back with me to Washington next week.


Discussing Broadband in Osceola

Discussing the urgent need for broadband in rural Missouri.

Thursday evening, I met with library patrons to discuss the lack of rural broadband and how people rely on the library for the internet when applying for jobs and for general usage. The library is a great asset to the community and I am thankful there is at least one source of internet connection for local families.  However, I am concerned to hear the challenges of too many people in a large percentage of rural Missouri who do not have access to high speed internet.  

An astonishing 61% of rural Missourians do not have access to broadband internet. School children cannot do their homework as much of it is done through Google Docs.  Local businesses rely on dial up to conduct business.  People cannot access the internet or, if they can find internet service, the cost is so high they cannot afford it.  Businesses are locating elsewhere.  We must address this disparity of opportunity between rural and urban areas.

That is why I am going to be working with my colleagues on the House Agriculture Committee to see how we can address this shortfall through the Rural Development section of the Farm Bill.  I have also signed onto a bill, the Precision Agriculture Connectivity Act, that establishes a task force between the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and agricultural interests to explore the unique needs of agriculture technology as it relates to broadband internet.   As we continue to move forward with Farm Bill conversations during this Congress, I will work to find ways to ensure current federal programs are meeting the needs of our rural businesses and citizens. Investing in rural infrastructure can pay dividends not only for economic growth in our rural communities, but also by allowing every American to reach their full potential.


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