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Honoring Our Fallen Heroes

June 4, 2021


Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler at the Memorial Day Ceremony at Fort Leonard Wood’s Missouri Veterans Cemetery in Waynesville and the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Memorial Day Ceremony at the Buffalo DAV Chapter #62.

On Memorial Day, I was humbled to speak at the Buffalo Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Chapter #62 and Fort Leonard Wood’s Missouri Veterans Cemetery in Waynesville in honor of our fallen heroes. It was great to be surrounded by so many people who dedicated their lives in service to their nation. America truly stands on the legacy of those who have fought for us. May we never forget that God has blessed our nation not only with such amazing beauty but amazing people.


Hume High School graduate Harrison Wepener, who received an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

This week, I also had the honor of announcing the appointment of Harrison Wepener of Hume to the United States Military Academy (USMA). The Hume High School recent graduate, local gridiron standout, and class president is expected to report to the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York in July if he decides to accept his appointment to the Class of 2025.

Harrison has been actively involved on his family farm working with cattle and engaged with 4-H. He is also a member of the National Honor Society and president of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapter. At Hume High School, Harrison earned top science and math accolades and graduated with a near perfect grade point average. Congratulations, Harrison!

For the rest of my week’s activities, please see below for a complete recap.

China’s Human Rights Abuses

With the advancement of mobile technology, China's human rights abuses have been recorded and documented — producing alarming results to the rest of the world.

Let's be clear: China is committing crimes against humanity on its own people.

The last installment of my four-part series outlines these abuses and dives into China's genocide of the Uyghur population and persecution of Christians. You can view this video, as well as the entire series, on my website here.


As always, feel free to send me an email at if you have any questions regarding this series.

Community-Based Resource Guide for Veterans with PTSD


As a result of their experiences, many service members and veterans exhibit an increased prevalence of posttraumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, all of which contribute to thoughts of suicide.

PTSD affects eight million Americans each year and regrettably, many of these individuals are suffering in silence. The reality of living with PTSD is a daily struggle for a growing number of veterans and service members. This condition has far reaching financial and emotional impacts on those who are close to someone who is struggling.

Studies have demonstrated that developing individual resilience is a vital defense to preventing the hopelessness which can spiral into depression or suicidal ideation; building this resilience requires cultivating four specific areas: mental, physical, social, and spiritual fitness. While the current pharmaceutical and psychotherapy approaches to prevent suicide have merit and undoubtingly help alleviate some struggles, they often fail to address two key elements of resilience: social and spiritual fitness.

The organizations highlighted in this booklet offer treatment in all four pillars of resilience with a special focus on spiritual and social fitness. I have personally talked with the leaders of these groups and I fully support their efforts. These groups have helped heal thousands of veterans and active duty members and families at no cost to the individuals. I encourage you to contact these organizations and trust them to lead you or a loved one to recovery.

CNN: Border Arrests Show No Sign of Slowing in May


News outlets are reporting exactly what I saw and heard from border patrol agents last week in El Paso: illegal crossings aren’t slowing down with this administration’s dismal response.

This week, we also learned President Biden ended the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which required those seeking asylum in the United States to wait in Mexico until their review process has finished.

By canceling this policy, the current administration nixed a course of action which respected the immigrants who are trying to enter our nation legally by dutifully following our laws and the standard process. That system was fair for everyone, and President Biden just terminated it.

In order to slow down this unprecedented border catastrophe, we must use commonsense strategies which were working under President Trump -- and that includes a strong and secure border with policies that encourage legal immigration, not the record illegal crossings we have seen for much of 2021.

Fourth District Constituents Honored by UPS


With the COVID-19 pandemic creating a surge in online shopping, our district’s delivery men and women have been crucial to our constituents receiving their purchased items. Two of the finest drivers from Missouri’s Fourth District have recently been inducted in UPS’s Circle of Honor: Raymore’s John Sparks and Pleasant Hill’s Mark Kern.

To join this elite UPS group, John and Mark have each driven their trucks for over 25 years without a single accident! Alongside the other 1,410 inductees this year, they achieved a total of 35,300 years of combined safe driving. Congratulations, John and Mark!