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The Work in the Trenches

February 2, 2018

Over the years I have used this enewsletter to keep you apprised of the events going on in Washington as well as the work I am doing back home in our neighborhoods and communities. I truly appreciate not only your interest but your feedback as I work to represent you.  

This week I would like to do something a little different and focus on the work that may not make the news headlines or get top billing on Facebook. It’s the work in the trenches that does not involve political opinions or debates over policy. It’s the work that often goes unnoticed unless you are the family that is impacted by the daunting red tape of the federal government. Although the work of Congress in Washington is relevant, the work being done on the local level is just as, if not more, important. Whether it’s helping people navigate the paperwork at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and Social Security Administration or meeting with local businesses, organizations, and individuals to discuss the matters facing our communities, these are the everyday life issues that mean the most to Missourians.  

With that said I would like to share with you the constituent service efforts that my staff and I have focused on so far in the 115th Congress. As always, it is an honor and privilege to serve you!  


My staff meeting at Bandana's Bar-B-Q in Sedalia. (L-R) Steve, who handles Missouri press; Delilah, my district director; Anna, who handles D.C. press; Adam, a field representative; Rachel, a field representative; and Kyler, also a field representative.

Case Closed!

Many people don’t know that my offices are here and available to help you with issues related to the federal government. If you can't get an answer from a federal agency in a timely fashion, or if you feel you have been treated unfairly by a federal agency, let me know. My office and I may be able to help resolve a problem or get you the information you need. We have already closed nearly 900 cases this Congress and stand by to help you. 

Janna, who handles my constituents' casework.

For example, just recently we were able to help a veteran who was having difficulty getting medical bill payments from the VA and we helped a local business that ran into bureaucratic challenges with the IRS.  

We are here to help! 

Keep ’Em Coming!

Our district has not been shy in letting me know how they feel about issues, and to that I say: keep it up! This Congress alone, my offices have taken over 15,000 constituent calls ranging from issues on policy to requests for assistance in different areas. The phone is not the only way constituents can express their opinions. I’ve received and responded to over 91,000 letters, emails, and other forms of communication.  It is our job to hear your concerns as I represent you in Congress.  

Thank you for making your voice heard! 

Steve fielding calls at my office in Columbia.

I Probably Drove through Your Neighborhood…

Did you know Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District covers 24 counties and over 14,400 square miles? That’s larger than the states of New Hampshire, Delaware, and Rhode Island combined! We make it a priority to visit your county, town, and community as often as possible. We’ve been in every county multiple times and plan on coming back soon. 

So far this Congress, we’ve hosted or taken over 850 meetings, tours, and events.  We’ve been busy taking meetings with constituents, touring business and nonprofits, and learning more about all the exciting developments in our district. 

Meeting and talking with constituents at the Rotary Club of Columbia Northwest.

This Congress I have traveled over 9,600 miles to get to these meetings, getting familiar with the highways, byways, backroads, and bridges that we rely on. This distance is enough mileage to drive from Kansas City to Washington, DC and back more than 4 times! I cherish these times that I spend in Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District and I look forward to spending more time in our communities. 


Or Called You on The Phone…

Outreach is very important to me and I am pleased to report that more than27,000 people have participated in my telephone town halls. Have you had the chance to participate? You can join the conversation, ask questions, and listen in - all from the comfort of your home. I try to make it as easy as grabbing coffee with a neighbor.  

Another form of outreach is something you are very familiar with – my weekly newsletter. You are reading the 60th e-newsletter of this 115th Congress and once again, I thank you for your interest! 

Delilah, my district director, hard at work serving the good people of Missouri's Fourth Congressional District.

So Thank You…

Once again thank you for allowing me and my wonderful team to serve you both in Washington and back home in Missouri. If I can be of any assistance in any way, please let me know. Additionally, your opinions matter to me as I represent you in Congress. Please continue to make your voice heard as we navigate the challenges facing our great country.  

Rachel and Adam, two of my field representatives in Missouri.


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