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Congress Admonishes Anti-Semitism. Again…

March 7, 2019
Press Release
Socialism and anti-Semitism seem to be the two prevailing themes in this new Congress.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) today supported H. Res. 183, a House resolution that condemns the anti-Semitism associated with recent remarks made by Rep. IIhan Omar (MN-05), a freshman Democrat from Minnesota. This is the second time in sixty-four days that the House has been forced to vote on a measure condemning anti-Semitism due to remarks by a member of the Democrat majority.


“Over the past two months we have had to come to the House floor twice to denounce anti-Semitism due to actions by Democrats in Congress,” said Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler. “There is no place for this type of insensitivity in Congress and it is a shame that we even need to have a resolution to proclaim this fact. Support for Israel and the Jewish people is fundamental to our democratic ideals, and respect for all people should be the hallmark of this legislative body. Instead of addressing issues like jobs, education and healthcare, we are forced to spend time reaffirming what should be a basic principle of respect in Congress,” added Hartzler.


This past weekend, Rep. Omar doubled down on comments she had made at an event last week, saying that pro-Israel supporters have “allegiance to a foreign country.” Earlier this year, she also suggested on Twitter that pro-Israel groups were paying off lawmakers to shape U.S.-Middle East policy, saying “It’s all about the Benjamins baby.” These actions led to floor action repudiating her positions.


“America does not need another apology or House resolution – it needs to know anti-Semitism won’t be tolerated. Speaker Pelosi must remove Rep. IIhan Omar from her influential post on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  It is evident that the Congresswoman’s deep bias compromises her positions, and if Democrat leadership is truly taking this seriously, Rep. Omar will be removed from this important assignment.


“These continuous comments by Rep. Omar come on the heels of other extreme proposals that have been introduced by the Democrat majority in Congress, including government-run health care, the radical Green New Deal, and a government take-over of our election system. Speaker Pelosi seems intent on ramming through a radical socialist agenda instead of looking for bipartisan opportunities to work together. I will continue to oppose these radical efforts, while working for the good of our country and the district I represent. I invite House Democrats to come alongside me and do the same,” added Hartzler.




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