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Hartzler Joins Missouri Attorney General on Amicus Brief

December 11, 2020
Press Release
I joined my colleagues in the House along with Missouri’s Attorney General in signing an amicus brief in support of Texas vs. the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the State of Georgia, the State of Michigan, and the State of Wisconsin.
This case asks the Supreme Court to provide an objective view of electoral anomalies in these states and ensures that the Constitution has been followed and the rules of law maintained throughout our election process.
The necessity of this request is derived from concerns that these states failed to adhere to their own election laws, usurping power from their state legislatures to change voting procedures which have led to an unprecedented number of serious allegations of voter fraud and irregularities.
This brief does not make any specific ask to overturn election results but instead seeks a legal, Constitutional review of the election practices in these states. It is important that the integrity of our election system is preserved, and an objective review of these anomalies will help ensure voter confidence for future elections.
To read the full amicus brief, please click here.