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Hartzler Opposes Democrats’ Impeachment of the President

December 18, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-4) issued the following statement announcing a NO vote on the articles of impeachment against President Trump:

“Today’s vote is a gross abuse of power by Congress. This entire process to impeach President Trump is nothing more than a political calculation being made to undo the voice of nearly 63 million Americans. House Democrats fear they cannot beat him fairly at the ballot box, so they are intent in removing him at all costs,” Hartzler said.

“Tellingly, the removal of President Trump from office has been the goal of Democrats in Congress since he was elected. One need not look any further than the quotes from some of my Democrat colleagues expressing their desire to impeach solely as a way of keeping the President from being re-elected.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, hours after being sworn into Congress in January of 2019, charmingly exclaimed on a YouTube video that “We’re going to go in there, and we’re going to impeach the !@#$%^&*&^-.”

Congressman Al Green in July of 2019 on NBC News said “I'm concerned that if we don't impeach this president, he will get reelected. If we don't impeach him, he will say he has been vindicated.”

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez in November of 2019 on CNN said “We all need to move quite quickly because we’re talking about the potential compromise of the 2020 election. And so, this is not just about something that has occurred, this is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year.”

The Democrats own words have delegitimized this entire impeachment process and have shined a light on their political motives and blatant abuse of power. In fact, Speaker Pelosi announced in September that the House of Representatives would move forward with an “impeachment inquiry” before the Trump administration even released details of the President’s call with his Ukrainian counterpart.

Now after weeks of an unfair, Soviet-style show trial, we have learned nothing from the democrats hand-picked witnesses except accounts of hearsay and shared perspectives from second- and third-hand sources. The Judiciary Committee presented a panel of university professors who, despite lacking any kind of understanding or evidence of the allegations being waged against President Trump, shared with the Committee what they believed were “impeachable offenses.” The only thing of substance we learned from these professors is when forced to answer under oath they revealed they were major financial donors to President Trump’s political rivals.

This entire process has been embarrassing. Democrats have turned this Congress into a circus and this obsession with reversing the electoral will of the people has damaged this country. From the beginning, Speaker Pelosi has said that an impeachment process that wasn’t compelling, overwhelming, and bipartisan would divide our country. She was right. There has been nothing compelling, overwhelming, or bipartisan about this process and it has indeed divided a nation.

This notion was echoed by Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler of New York, who in 1998 said of the impeachment of Bill Clinton:

"There must never be a narrowly-voted impeachment or an impeachment substantially supported by one of our major political parties and largely opposed by the other.”

"Such an impeachment would lack legitimacy."

Yet today Nadler is Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and serves as the ring leader of a completely partisan impeachment effort.

This hypocrisy further demonstrates that impeachment is about Democrats removing Donald Trump from office before he is re-elected in November. This is no reason to impeach an elected leader and this act further establishes a damaging precedent where those in power can remove a President because they do not agree with his or her policies. It is a grotesque abuse of power by the Speaker and the left wing of her party as they try and erase the decision of nearly 1.6 million Missourians who voted for President Trump.

The American people elected Congress to address the pressing needs of this nation; not to undo the will of the electorate. Months of pointless investigation have led to nothing other than partisan rhetoric and wasted time as issues such as rising health care costs, the problems of illegal immigration and the needs of rural America go unmet. It is time to move on from this charade and get back to the people’s work.”