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Hartzler Statement on Democrat Spending Bills

January 3, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) made the following statement on the spending legislation the Democrat majority offered today:

“Today the Democrat majority in the House advanced spending legislation that fails to address the rapidly growing problems on our southern border. These bills ignore the dire need for increased border security and instead kick the can down the road, advocating for the failed status quo that caused this predicament to begin with.

“According to Customs and Border Protection, agents are apprehending over 2,000 illegal immigrants a day and drug seizures have reached 1.5 million pounds annually. Since 2017, seizures of heroin have increased 177 percent, cocaine seizures 129 percent and methamphetamine seizures 150 percent. These drugs are making it to our communities in Missouri and are killing our kids. This has got to stop. I have personally been to the border and seen the challenges our agents encounter, trying to keep pace with the exploding flood of drugs and illegal immigrants into our country. From these issues to the problem of women and children being trafficked, it is clear that inaction is harming Americans and our way of life. The bills the Democrats brought to the floor today do nothing to solve these problems. 

“The Administration and many in Congress are trying to solve this crisis, but Democrats would rather have a closed government than a closed border. They have offered no plan except to turn their heads the other way while more drugs and illegal immigrants come across our border. I stand ready and willing to support legislation that addresses these issues and meets the responsibility of Congress to protect the American people.”



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