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Hartzler Statement on Syria Developments

October 11, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C — Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-4) issued the following statement regarding Turkey’s invasion into northern Syria earlier this week:

“I am deeply concerned by the reports coming out of Syria in the aftermath of Turkey’s invasion earlier this week. The Kurds, including the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Free Syrian Army, are fiercely loyal allies who have stood by the United States since the First Gulf War. They have been fundamental in rooting out terrorists who seek to harm the United States and our allies. Nothing shows that more clearly than their valiant efforts to root out ISIS.

“We should not be complicit in the slaughter of our Kurdish allies by Turkey or any other actor trying to increase its influence in the region. I call on the White House to modify its strategy in Syria so that bad state actors, including Russia, Iran, and non-state actors like Hezbollah or a resurgent ISIS, are not permitted to get and maintain a foothold in the region. Allowing them to do so would erase every gain we have made and would gravely jeopardize our security interests in the region.

“I hope the White House further pursues a military strategy that ensures religious minorities in Syria, including Christians, are able to freely practice their religion and be protected from extremists who would do them harm. 

“I will continue to work with my colleagues to explore ways to protect the Kurds who have been working alongside us in the region and to hold Turkey accountable for their assault on our allies.