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Hartzler Supports Defense Bill Strengthening America’s National Security

December 11, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) today supported the conference report of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2020, annual legislation that determines the policies and funding levels for the Department of Defense and other national security entities.

Among other things, this legislation provides a pay raise for our men and women in uniform and supports several Missouri defense initiatives that Hartzler secured into the bill. Hartzler released the following statement regarding the House passage:

“As the Ranking Member of the Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee and one of the conferees assisting in this conference report’s negotiation, I am pleased this bill continues the progress we have made in restoring and rebuilding military readiness, while also setting the right conditions through oversight to accelerate modernization for those capabilities and capacities required for the national defense strategy,” Hartzler said.

“This bipartisan bill not only provides our troops with the resources they need to keep our nation safe, but also provides their families with support by including a 3.1 percent pay raise, needed reforms to the military privatized housing system, and a repeal of the military’s “widow’s tax” for surviving spouses.

“Historically, the NDAA has been a product of bipartisan consensus and I am pleased we were successful in reaching that level of consensus again. This makes 59 years in a row we have passed this vital piece of legislation and is a testament to how legislators can come together on issues of national importance. We need more instances where members set aside political differences to do the people’s work,” Hartzler added.

Congresswoman Hartzler had significant initiatives included in the annual legislation including:

  • $27 million for a consolidated vehicle operations and maintenance facility at Whiteman Air Force Base; 
  • $50 million for increment two of the Fort Leonard Wood hospital replacement projects;
  • A partial dislocation allowance for service members forced to move from dormitories;
  • Full funding for the B-21 program, which will eventually replace the B-2 at Whiteman; 
  • Funding for B-2 modernization programs, including the Defensive Management System, to ensure the bomber fleet maintains its long-range strike capability until the B-21 is operational;  
  • Funding for the A-10 modifications to ensure the A-10 fleet, including those at Whiteman, can continue to protect our ground troops;
  • Support for Army Ammunition Production Plants, like the one at Lake City;
  • Funding for Missouri-made aircraft, such as the F-15EX, F-18 Super Hornet, and T-7A advanced trainer;
  • Funding for Missouri-made munitions for the warfighter;
  • Support for Missouri-made Army mobility and logistics support equipment;  
  • Funding for engine and propeller upgrades for the C-130H fleet, including the 139th Airlift Wing at Rosecrans Air National Guard Base;
  • Language directing the Air National Guard to conduct a by-unit audit on control grade deficiencies to ensure units, including the 131st Bomb Wing, have enough positions to meet mission requirements.

“The primary responsibility of Congress is to ensure our men and women in uniform have the resources they need as they selflessly serve our nation. Whiteman Air Force Base, Fort Leonard Wood, and the state of Missouri play a vital role in our national defense and I am proud this bill will provide them with adequate resources to deter our adversaries,” Hartzler concluded.