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Off and Running on an Eventful Day One in Congress

January 21, 2011
Press Release


For Immediate Release

January 6, 2011.

Contact: Steve Walsh   (573) 291-2456

WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO4) has hit the ground running on Day One of the 112th Session of Congress, taking the oath of office to represent Missouri’s 4th Congressional District and reiterating her pledge to be a part of the process to put America back on the right course.

“What a remarkable day it was as my family and I were joined by 60 citizens from the 4th Congressional District who journeyed to their Nation’s Capital to be a part of this historic moment,” said Hartzler. “They saw, first hand, a new commitment to addressing the challenges our country faces and to getting it back on the right track.”

“My first vote on behalf of the good people of the 4th District was cast for John Boehner for Speaker instead of Nancy Pelosi,” said Hartzler. “It was an honor to vote for leadership which is committed to getting jobs back and reining in government spending. This week we are launching the task of changing the way Washington works, by committing to cutting government spending and beginning the process of repealing job-killing ObamaCare.”

“Yesterday, we began the process of making government more open and transparent by requiring that the public to have three days to read bills before they are voted on and to make it easier to reduce spending by instituting a ‘cut-as-you-go’ system to ensure every dollar spent is offset by an equal amount from elsewhere,” said Hartzler.  “Today we are demonstrating to the American public that we are serious about cutting by reducing our own budgets by 5 percent. We know American families are struggling to make ends meet and Washington must join them. I am grateful to the people of the 4th District for giving me the opportunity to be their voice and to start turning our country around.”

Tomorrow, the House will vote on a rule to begin the process of repealing ObamaCare. A final House vote is scheduled for next week.