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Congresswoman Hartzler honors Warrensburg couple with Angels in Adoption award

November 10, 2011
Press Release

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-4) has chosen a Warrensburg couple to receive the 2011 Angels in Adoption award for their long-time advocacy for foster care and adoption and will be presenting the award to them on November 11. Doctor Curt and Lisa Dyer, who have eight children and four foster children, were chosen because of their personal commitment and dedicated advocacy for finding loving homes for all children.

The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute orchestrates the annual Angels in Adoption program. As a passionate advocate for adoption and a member of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption and the Congressional Foster Care Caucus, Congresswoman Hartzler believes the Dyers embody the types of families needed to care for our nation’s foster children.

“The Dyers have talked a lot about the urgent need for caring foster care and loving adoptive families,” said Hartzler. “But they not only talk about the needs of children, they match their words with actions. Over the years, the Dyers have opened their home and hearts to many children in need of a mom and dad and a safe, stable environment.”

“I salute Doctor and Mrs. Dyer for their important role in providing a warm, welcoming home to children,” added Hartzler. “The Dyers serve as an inspiration for all Missourians who want to make a difference for children.”

Doctor Dyer, a former Mayor of Warrensburg who now sits on the City Council, is a family physician. Lisa Dyer currently sits on the local school board. They are involved in Sacred Heart Church with family and faith serving as their cornerstones.

Adoption advocates like the Dyers are being honored throughout November, which has been recognized as National Adoption Month.