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Hartzler and House approve measure to fund national security, protect taxpayers, and rein in bureaucratic overreach

December 12, 2014
Press Release

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-4) and the House have approved legislation Thursday to fund most federal government operations while protecting American taxpayers from federal overreach. This bill gives the American people access to essential government functions through the end of Fiscal Year 2015 while only funding the Department of Homeland Security through February of next year – allowing a wholly Republican-controlled Congress to address the president’s executive actions on immigration at the beginning of the next session of Congress.

“I am pleased that this bill prioritizes many of the important items my colleagues and I have been working on for many months,” Hartzler said. “This package provides for a strong national defense, works to protect Americans from overregulation, and keeps the Executive branch in check.”

“This bill also allows the new Congress address the controversial immigration issue,” Hartzler continued.  “President Obama’s executive order on immigration clearly violated the separation of powers by bypassing Congress. This must be stopped.  The new Congress that will be sworn-in next month will be in a position enact strong border enforcement measures and to direct funding for immigration as it sees fit, ensuring the will of the people is respected.  I look forward to that opportunity.”

Some key highlights impacting Americans and Missourians alike include:

This bill protects our military and veterans by:

  • Prioritizing funding for essential readiness programs, ensuring maximum preparedness;
  • Including funding to prevent the retirement of the A-10 and for 15 new EA-18G electronic warfare aircraft made in St. Louis, Missouri; and
  • Providing $2.5 billion for processing VA disability claims to end the backlog, and rescinding $41 million in performance bonuses at the VA.

This bill protects our farmers and small businesses from overregulation by:

  • Cutting EPA funding by $60 million – this is the fifth consecutive year of cuts, totaling a 21% reduction since FY2010 – and prohibiting regulation of farm ponds and irrigation ditches through the Waters of the United States rule;
  • Cutting the IRS funding by $345.6 million, which is $1.5 billion below the president’s requested levels, and prohibiting the targeting of groups based on ideology
  • Reducing regulations on commercial trucking, weight limits, driver hours, and hazmat permitting.

This bill protects Missourians from big-government overreach by:

  • Providing no new funding for Obamacare and holds the line on those agencies tasked to implement Obamacare;
  • Keeping all existing pro-life provisions and introducing three new provisions including requiring Obamacare plans to tell customers if they provide abortion services; and
  • Prohibiting the administration from using funds to limit gun owners’ Second Amendment rights, providing no money for the UN arms trade treaty, and prohibiting the EPA from regulating the lead content in hunting and fishing tackle.

Having been approved by the House, the funding bill now goes to the Senate for its consideration. For the full text of the funding bill, click here.

Congresswoman Hartzler represents Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District in the House of Representatives.  She serves on the House Armed Services, Agriculture, and Budget Committees.