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Hartzler votes to fully fund America's men and women in uniform

July 8, 2011
Press Release

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-4), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, has voted to pass the 2012 Defense Appropriations Act which provides a 1.6 percent base pay raise for military personnel. The bill also provides funds for protective gear, clothing, subsistence, and related expenses for active duty personnel and the reserve corps.

“The Defense Appropriations bill provides the funding needed to keep our national defense strong,” said Hartzler. “First and foremost, it provides our brave men and women in uniform with a pay increase to help them keep pace with rising costs.”

“This $671 billion defense package includes more than $100 billion to pay for new equipment and upgrades to ensure that our military forces have the platforms, weapons, and other equipment they need to train, maintain military infrastructure, and conduct successful operations that protect our freedoms,” added Hartzler. “We’re wisely spending much-needed funds to upgrade our aging fleet of Navy ships, Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft, Blackhawk helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles. The bill also contains $118 billion in emergency contingency funds for overseas deployment and ongoing operations to fight the global war on terrorism, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

A provision in the 2012 bill continues the 2011 prohibition of funding for transfers of Guantanamo terrorist suspects to the U.S. or its territories and prohibits funding to modify any prison in the U.S. to house these suspected terrorists. The Defense Appropriations legislation now goes to the Senate for its consideration.

Vicky Hartzler was elected to Congress on November 2, 2010. She serves on the House Armed Services Committee and the House Agriculture Committee.