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Recovery Efforts at Fort Leonard Wood Moving Forward

January 21, 2011
Press Release


For Immediate Release

January 5, 2011.

Contact: Steve Walsh   (573) 291-2456

WASHINGTON, DC - The devastating tornado that ripped through Fort Leonard Wood has been a setback for military personnel stationed there. But Congresswoman-Elect Vicky Hartzler (MO-4) is keeping in contact with the post and has learned recovery efforts are humming along as government and civilian relief agencies work together to help the brave men and women who have been displaced as a result of the twister.

"Major General David Quantock has informed me that the USO is coordinating with families to assess and meet the needs of the people at the Fort in the wake of the tornado," said Hartzler. "In addition, the members of the post are receiving tremendous support from the community surrounding Fort Leonard Wood as citizens and businesses come to the aid of 35 families whose homes were among the more than 50 that were destroyed. I also heard from General George Casey, Chief of Staff of the United States Army who called me after touring Fort Leonard Wood to give me an assessment. He characterized the Fort as being in 'pretty good shape' with families being helped as they sort through the rubble and start to put their lives together. His goal is to have everything rebuilt within one year."

"In the midst of this tragedy we are hearing some good news," added Hartzler. "$700 million in new construction at the Fort was not affected by the tornado. We have also learned that because the homes that were destroyed had been privatized and were covered by private insurers there will be no cost to taxpayers to replace those homes. I have been assured the situation will be better than ever when all is said and done."

Anyone looking for opportunities to offer help is instructed to visit the Fort Leonard Wood website at to learn which organizations are helping in the recovery efforts.