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Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler

Representing the 4th District of Missouri
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U.S. Service Academy Nominations

U.S. Service Academy Application Process 

Welcome to Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler’s application page for the U.S. Service Academies. Please read all the directions below for a better understanding of the nomination process. 

The honor of attending a service academy comes with the obligation and commitment to serve in the military for a minimum of five years upon graduation. 

Please note: Your "permanent address" or "legal residence" must be located in Missouri’s 4th Congressional District in order to apply for a nomination through Congresswoman Hartzler. You or your parent/ guardian must be domiciled in the Missouri’s 4th Congressional District. Domicile is defined as a person’s fixed, permanent, and principal home for legal purposes. 

The academy nomination process requires that you apply through your Congressional offices and directly to the academies for an actual appointment. As part of the process, you are required to contact the appropriate academy or academies and complete all requirements. Applying to all of the academies may improve your chances of receiving at least one appointment offer. If you have not already contacted the academy of your choice, you should do so as soon as possible to prevent any delay in the nomination process. 

Best wishes to you as you pursue your goal of attending one of the U.S. Service Academies and serving our country! 

Application Procedure: 

I. Application and Essays 

Fill in all of the application answers below and generate the application for review. Once you have completed the application, print and mail it to the address on the application. 

The essay should be limited to two typewritten pages on the following topic: “Why I Want to Attend a Military Service Academy.” The essay pages should be numbered with your full name on each page and mailed with the application. 

II. Evaluations/Recommendations 

The evaluations/letters of recommendation should each be in a sealed envelopes with a signature across the flap. 

a. High School Counselor/Principal Evaluation & Letter of Recommendation or College Advisor/Faculty Evaluation & Letter of Recommendation: If you are in high school, request that your counselor or principal fill out the required evaluation form and attach a 

letter of recommendation. If you are in college, request that your college advisor or ROTC instructor fill out the college evaluation form. ** 

b. Teacher/Coach Evaluation & Letter of Recommendation or College Faculty Evaluation & Letter of Recommendation: If you are in high school, ask a teacher or coach to fill out the required evaluation form. If you are in college, you may request that a college professor or high school teacher fill out the college evaluation form. 

c. Additional Letter(s) of Recommendation: Ask a boss, member of the clergy, scout leader, or other personal reference to submit a letter of recommendation to Congresswoman Hartzler’s Columbia office on your behalf. No more than 3 letters of recommendation from this category will be accepted. (Letters from family members are not permitted.) 

** If you are home-schooled, please contact Congresswoman Hartzler’s Academy Coordinator to discuss the evaluation requirements. 

III. Academic 

a. Transcript(s): A sealed official transcript from all high schools, junior colleges, or colleges you have attended or are currently attending should be mailed to Congresswoman Hartzler’s Columbia office. High school transcripts must include three full years of study, current GPA, and class rank. If you are currently in college, also send an official copy of your class schedule. Postmarks, Electronic Submissions and Faxes will not be accepted. 

b. Official SAT or ACT scores: Official SAT or ACT scores must be submitted through the testing service if they are not noted on your official transcript. Faxed and electronic scores will not be accepted. Do not wait until October to take your test as the scores will be received after the deadline. Please use the following codes for the testing services in order to forward scores directly – ACT: 7503 SAT: 6720 

IV. Resume

a. Applicants should include a resume in their application packet.  Your resume is a very important document and should be a comprehensive reflection of employment positions, education level, academic and athletic scholastic accomplishments, school and community organization involvement and leadership positions held, volunteer work, and any other activities reflecting leadership.

V. Photographs 

Mail in two wallet-sized photos, head shots only, on photography paper. These will be sent with a press release to your local paper if you accept an appointment. 

Application Deadline: All completed applications must be in Congresswoman Hartzler’s Columbia office 

by 5:00 p.m. on October 1, 2018. It is your responsibility to have all required materials in Congresswoman Hartzler’s Columbia office by the deadline. 

All information should be mailed directly to Congresswoman Hartzler’s Columbia office: Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, Attention: Austin Kramer, District Director/Academy Coordinator,  2415 Carter Lane, Suite 4 Columbia, MO 65201. For additional information call 573-442-9311or send an email to

General Information on Nomination Selection 

Each member of Congress may have five cadets at each of the four service academies at any one time. The number of vacancies available each year is then determined by the number of cadets who either graduate or leave the academies each year. Congresswoman Hartzler’s nominees will be selected using the “Principal with Ranked Alternates” selection process, which involves the Congresswoman submitting the designation of a principal nominee along with nine ranked nominees. If the principal is fully qualified (academics, medical, and physical aptitude), he or she will be appointed and will fill the vacancy. If the principal does not qualify, then the first alternate is considered for the appointment and so on. In effect, the highest designated nominee who is fully qualified for entrance is appointed to fill the vacancy. 

Applicants who submit a completed nomination file will be contacted to schedule an interview with Congresswoman Hartzler’s Academy Nominations Panel. These interviews will take place sometime in late October through early December. Once all applicants have been interviewed, the panel will make their recommendations for nominations to the Congresswoman. All applicants will be notified when nominations have been submitted. The deadline for Congresswoman Hartzler to submit nominations to the academies is January 31st; however, our office makes every effort to submit nominations by the end of December. 

Due to the large number of qualified applicants, you are encouraged to apply to multiple nomination sources. You should apply to both U.S. Senators for Missouri. You may also apply to the Office of the Vice President of the United States, who can nominate applicants from the country at large. 


Each applicant must meet the following eligibility requirements: 

Age: Must be at least 17 years old, but not yet 23 years of age, as of July 1 of year admitted. (25th birthday for the Merchant Marine Academy) 

Citizenship: Must be a U.S. citizen and a legal resident of the State of Missouri. 

Marital Status: Must be unmarried, not pregnant, and have no legal obligation to support children or other dependents. 



Your application will be carefully reviewed and assessed based upon your academic record, ACT/SAT scores, extra-curricular activities, character, motivation, leadership skills, and your interview with Congresswoman Hartzler’s Academy Nominations Panel. Medical/Physical fitness, which is determined by the Academy, is also taken into consideration. 

Academics – Class rank, GPA, school records, and recommendations by principals, teachers, and/or counselors. You must have a qualifying score on either the SAT/ACT. Recent average scores were SAT Verbal 600-760, MATH 620-700, ACT English 28, Math 29. 

Leadership – Applicants should include extracurricular activities in school and in the community. Part-time jobs and volunteer activities will also be considered. 

Character/Motivation – Letters of recommendation should detail the applicant’s character and motivation toward completing goals. Applicants should complete the application file in a timely manner. 

Medical/Physical Fitness – The Academies schedule medical and physical fitness examinations. You will be notified by the Academy when and where these are scheduled. 


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