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Hi, Kids!
I'm Representative Vicky Hartzler and I want to welcome you to the student web page.  Here you'll have fun discovering more about the workings and processes of our federal government.  It's a great resource for school projects or if you just want to have some fun surfing the web on a rainy day.
Our web page is a portal to all kinds of fun.
You can try your hand at being a good spy by learning undercover tactics playing games on the CIA games page; design your own money at the Treasury; do a science experiment at the United States Department of Agriculture site; discover the hidden hazards in your home playing the Tox Mystery game at the National Library of Medicine; or test your skills as a Special Agent playing games at the FBI link.
There's something for everyone and I hope you will enjoy it,
As a former junior and senior high teacher, I believe knowledge is important and you can have fun while learning so enjoy the site and be sure and let us know how you like it.  You are our future and it is my goal to assist you in every way I can. 
Feel free to learn more about how you can apply for an internship working in my office or how to apply for a military academy.
Thank you, again, for visiting.  Please keep in touch and join me on Facebook and Twitter. 
Have fun!

All Kids Resources

"America's Story"
American History from the Library of Congress.
The F.B.I. for Kids
Games, tips and interactive activites to understand what the Federal Bureau of Investigation does.
NASA for Students
Shoot for the stars and find out more about the U.S.'s space program.
National Gallery of Art for Kids
National Park Service Resource Guide
A link from the National Park Service for teachers and student projects.
Smithsonian Kids Page
Browse through the Smithsonian online and check out all the Smithsonian Institute has to offer.
"White House 101"
Interesting facts, tid bits and history of the White House and past presidents.

Kindergarten-5th Grade

Department of Agriculture's "Kid Zone"
Vitural facts, tours, projects and farm fun from the "Kid's Zone" in the Ag Department
Department of Justice Kid's Page
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
Find out about our nation, government along with other facts through games and activities.
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for 3rd - 5th Graders
Learn about historical documents, the differences between state and federal governments, the election process, how laws are made and more.
Census Bureau's "American FactFinder"
Search for information on the U.S. population, housing, economic and geographic information.
Learning about the Central Intelligence Agency & Games
Discover the different jobs of the C.I.A. and how they keep our country safe.
Environmental Protection Agency's Drinking Water Information for Kids (Kindergarten - 3rd Grade)
Tips about and how to create your own water cylce and coloring books pages.
Environmental Protection Agency's Drinking Water Information for 4th-8th grades.
Word scrambler and fun fact matching games along with activites to demonstrate how much water storm drains collect during rainstorms and more.
Federal Emergency Management Agency for Kids
Be ready to act when distaster strikes. It's never to early to learn what to do, especially when games and interactives are involved!
"Gearing Up for a Great Trip" with the Federal Trade Commission
Take an interactive vacation and learn how to prepare for a trip and to protect yourself from travel scams you may hit along the way.
Kids in the House (young learners)
Check out the role of the U.S. House of Representatives, the legislative process and its history.
Kids in the House (grade school students)
Learn about Congress and the U.S. Captiol buidling, how laws are made, the art and history of the U.S. Capitol.
United States Patent and Trademark Office for Kids
Great for innovators and inventors of all ages.
Veteran's Affairs for Kids
Cool facts and games about the V.A. and its programs.

6th-12th Grade

Department of Agriculture's "Teen Scene"
Find some ideas for science fair projects, find out what other teenagers are saying about today's agricultural issues and do some career exploration in the Ag Department's "Teen Scene"
"Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids" (6th-8th grades)
"Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids" (9th-12th grades)
Learn about our nation, the branches of government, the differences between the states and federal government, the election process and more at the middle school and high school levels.
Central Intelligence Agency for Middle and High School
Check out the history of the C.I.A., its function and information on getting a job with the C.I.A.
Save Drink Water Resource (9th-12th grades)
From the E.P.A.: Trivia, games and instructions to build your own watershed
Kids in the House (Middle School Page)
Kids in the House (High School Page)
Learn about Congress and the U.S. Captiol buidling, how laws are made, the art and history of the U.S. Capitol at the middle and high school levels.
National Center for Education Statistics
Information and statistics about the youth age group and education. Also, check out the NCES's tid bits, word and quote of the day.
United States Patent and Trademark Office for Kids
Great for innovators and inventors of all ages.
Veteran's Affairs for Kids
Information about the Department of Veterans' Affairs tailored for the middle and high school levels. Also check out information on how to be a V.A. volunteer and information on the department's scholarship.
"You are Here" from the Federal Trade Commission
A virutal and interactive way to understand how to be a better consumer and gain broader knowledge in personal economics and finance.


Internship Opportunities
An internship in my office provides a great opportunity for students to learn first-hand how our government works. Interns gain valuable knowledge and experience by having hands-on opportunity to learn about the legislative process, as well as the operations of a Congressional office. Please contact my office at 202-225-2876 for more information.
Military Academy Nominations
Young people who are genuinely interested in pursuing a career in the military service and who are looking to build a career foundation at one of our esteemed service academies are encouraged to open a file in the Congressional District office by sending a letter of interest. Please contact my district office at 573-634-4884 for more information.
Student Financial Aid
Information is available to students to learn more about the process of locating and applying for financial aid.