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Appeasement ≠ Foreign Policy

August 25, 2016


“There is no security, no safety, in the appeasement of evil.”  -Ronald Reagan

Since signing a bad nuclear deal, giving Iran billions in sanctions relief and paying another $400 million in what amounts to ransom for the release of American prisoners in Iran, the State Department has now issued a travel advisory for Iran.

The advisory warns Americans of the risks involved with travel to Iran, a designated state sponsor of terrorism, making sure “to reiterate and highlight the risk of arrest and detention of U.S. citizens…”

Why, after numerous attempts to convince the American people Iran is a partner in diplomacy, would we be advised not to travel there, for fear of being taken prisoner? Maybe because more Americans have been detained since the prisoner swap for cash.  It seems Iran has discovered a new stream of income.  Actions have consequences and this administration's poor decisions continue to have ramifications.  We must change course.

We cannot continue leading from behind. Rogue nations, such as Iran, and radical regimes, such as ISIS, will fill the void in the absence of American leadership. Bad actors will continue to exploit our failed foreign policy and leniency in protecting our interests.

We need a better way in foreign policy and national security. We must defend freedom, embrace our allies, tackle new threats, and respond to the evolving global threat landscape.

We must do whatever is necessary to protect our homeland from terror, and we must take the fight to the enemy. Instead of making it up along the way, we need a clear strategy to defeat ISIS. Instead of ignoring our traditional allies, we should renew our ties with them, and in a way that serves our mutual interests. Instead of leading from behind, America must act as a force for liberty and free enterprise around the world.