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Meet Officer Mueller

May 18, 2016

Meet Officer Mark Mueller. He has been with the Moberly Police Department for five years, quietly protecting and serving his community. Though he asks for no recognition for his service, I wanted to share a story with you about what “serving the community” truly means to Officer Mueller and the many more like him who often go above and beyond.

Officer Mark Mueller
Officer Mark Mueller

Moberly Chief of Police, Chief Russell Tarr, recently received this letter from an EMT who responded to a call Officer Mueller was already on:

Dear Chief Tarr,

I wanted to write you to congratulate you on one of your officers.  On Sunday 5-8 my partner and I (RCAD) responded to MPD for a patient that was possibly having an anxiety attack.  Upon arriving we were met by MFD and your officer Mueller.  First thing to note is that before we arrived the patient had obviously been treated very well and was already calmed down.  I am sure this was a joint effort between your officer and MFD.  We were then told this patient was homeless and has nowhere to stay tonight.  His own family has turned him away.  He has all of his belongings with him in several different bags and a large suitcase. What impressed me initially was that Officer Mueller was being very compassionate with this patient.  As if that wasn't enough Officer Mueller went out of his way to place several phone calls on this patient's behalf.  After some phone calls Officer Mueller personally drove to the Super 8 hotel and spoke to the person in charge to attempt to get some sort of discount for this young man so that he would have somewhere to stay tonight.  The officer then came back and between him, MFD and our crew we came up with $60 for the young man.  This was enough for a night stay at the hotel as well as a couple of meals.  Officer Mueller then loaded his car up with the young man's belongings and personally took him to the hotel.  It is not often that we see such compassion and caring from someone that is not obligated to be such.  I wanted to personally commend you on having such a remarkable officer and wanted to thank you and Officer Mueller for your service.  I hope all that hear about this are as inspired by it as I was.  Again, thank you to Officer Mueller for going above and beyond for this young man.

Richelle, EMT-P

Our local law enforcement officers are more than just police officers. We often forget they are also members of the community; they are friend and neighbor.

This week is National Police Week. Started in 1962 by President Kennedy, this week gives us all a chance to honor those law enforcement officers that have paid the ultimate sacrifice and to say “thank you” to those who wear the badge in our own neighborhoods, keeping us and our communities safe.

I am encouraging the good citizens of MO-4 to send a "thank you" note through my website.  You might also want to share about a noteworthy interaction you have had with an officer. It might have been an officer who comforted you after an accident or one who waited with you when your car broke down on a lonely road. Please offer your kind words of thanks to an officer, a department, or to officers in general.

Join me in letting law enforcement officers know how much they are needed and appreciated! Click here to send a short thank you note to a deserving officer or department.

You can “Like” and “Follow” the Moberly Police Department on Facebook here.