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Thank an Officer

MO-4 AppreciatesOur local law enforcement officers ask for no recognition and too often receive none. Their job is dangerous, placing them directly in harm’s way. As we witnessed during the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, while most people were running from the flames, it was New York’s law enforcement officers that were charging in. They volunteer for this duty. They readily answer a call to serve our neighborhoods and protect you and me.

Have you had a noteworthy interaction with an officer? Has your local police department done something for you or your neighbors that is worthy of praise? Take a moment to write a quick note to a specific officer, the entire department, or officers in general. Tell them how much you appreciate what they do for us.

My office will be collecting these stories and delivering them to the officers and departments so they know how much you appreciate them!


Click here to read a few of the notes that have been sent in!